The Randoms

As a cornerstone of The Randoms lies The Random's Vault, a system designed to create value for holders through the redistribution of artistic assets, both from established NFT artists and collections, as well as from artists patroned by The Randoms.


On a quaterly basis, 10% from the total secondary sales royalties is reinvested in acquiring NFTs for the vault. In addition, the funded artists are required to submit an artistic contribution to the vault which prompts/promotes a continuous regeneration of its content.

The Vault's content distribution happens through weekly giveaways for our Random holders.

Roles associated eligibility by nfts tiers

Random Holder

Our lovely randomies holding 1-4 Randoms: You get to be included in first tier raffles (upto a maximum of 0.05 eth)

Random Whale

The first step up from a holder to a whale, holding 5-9 Randoms: You get the same perks as the holders + inclusion in the second tier raffles (0.05 to 0.1 eth)

Random Collector

The Random Collectors holding 10-14 Randoms: You get the same perks as the Whales + inclusion in the third tier raffles (0.1 to 0.2 eth)

Random Connoisseur

The grandest of randoms holding 15+ Randoms: You get the same perks as the Randoms Collectors + inclusion in the highest tier raffles (0.4 eth+)