The Randoms is a brand created and propelled by web3 advocates on a mission to support and empower artists along their creative journey.



Token Type

Each Random is a unique token of our values, our vision and our mission. It carries the power to participate in the artistic emancipation of web 3.0.

We firmly believe that in providing proper resources and a strong voice to our community, we will maximize the long-term value.


Through a thoughtful and well executed process, we aim to build a strong and lasting foundation.

As a patron of the arts, The Randoms aims to support various innovative art projects, and in so doing, adding sustainable and long-lasting value to the community. To that end, we are dedicating $50,000 from the mint, as well as 50% of our collections’ royalties towards funding community projects.

In the spirit of a virtuous circle, the value in our roadmap cascades from one source to another. With a royalty split that proposes such a high commitment to the community fund, our two pillars of execution (giving back to the artists & having a positive impact) exist as a united, intertwined and self-reinforcing system. We believe in creating wealth together, for the community, so by re-investing our royalties to further fund elements of our roadmap, all of our holders will benefit.

The artist’s role has always been to break with convention, disrupt, question, reimagine, transform, transcend, and ultimately shed light upon their vision of the world. The Randoms aims to help artists accomplish all of that, both financially and structurally.

A movement is heightened by the capacity of its members to become part of culturally significant conversations. We aim to become a relevant voice in the space by generating a positive impact on the economic and cultural health of Web 3.0 at large.

Art and technology are integral parts of our lives. We live to love, share, and propagate both.



Marketing Specialist / Brand Strategist

Proven serial Artist & Entrepreneur, brand strategist with over a decade of experience in marketing. Platinum discs’ recipient & Juno award Nominee. Rantom stands on the fine line between art & data.


Community Manager / Finance

Established Composer and Producer, dropout CFA candidate and early crypto investor. 150M+ streams on his music, Platinum discs’ recipient and Juno Award Nominee. Web. 3.0 Degen.


Creative Mind / Artist

Gifted Illustrator and innovative graphic designer, RandTV is the brilliant mind behind “The Randoms” art. Championed by Canada’s largest ad agency for the last 10 years, winner of more than 50 design awards to this day!



Ion is the ultimate keeper of the Randoms’ community vitality! As a medical student with a razor-sharp mind, he can deconstruct any system. You won’t find another mod with a kinder heart and stronger skills.



Durag excels at every role you can think of: Entrepreneur, investor, Father, Athlete and OG of the swag at The Randoms. He’s already a legend in the moderator’s arena, and no Randomie could dream of a better sensei than him.

Electronic Neon Cloud


ENC not only is a successful musical artist himself, but also the human embodiment of the word versatility. A true guardian of the realm, he is one of the main pillars that holds The Randoms structure together.



Karkapuff is the bringer of balance and harmony in The Randoms’s world. As a fashion queen with a highly creative spirit, she is one of the main binding force of the community. Blessed with a keen sense of intelligence, a radiant personality, strong morals, and a love for cats, she’s responsible for creating and maintaining a safe space for the community.


ApolloCode is an applicative development team led by Etienne Bouchard (Cobolt), technological wizard and polyglot coder. He and his team have developed dozens of applications in both web 2.0 and 3.0 environments, with a difficulty ranging from simple scripts to DARPA grade complexity applications